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Ditch The Grid With Candela Coin

Candela Coin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralizing and democratizing solar energy. Our transactive energy system utilizes blockchain technology, microgrids, and IoT devices so people can buy and sell electricity without using the existing electric grid.

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What is the Candela Coin Project?

Our vision is to create truly decentralized solar energy all across the world made up of the people, not the power companies or middlemen. We have created IoT hardware and software for seamless peer-to-peer energy transfer using community microgrids for distribution. By using blockchain technology we enable owners of solar panels to sell their generated energy to other users, bringing in the best returns possible for their solar energy. People across the globe will be able to transfer solar energy to others in their communities using Candela Coin as a medium of exchange. Our decentralized system does not rely on the existing power grid infrastructure. In the event of inclement weather, power outages, or down power lines, decentralized solar power will still be able to be generated and provide electricity to the community.

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Candela Coin Ecosystem

Candela Peer-To-Peer Trading And Marketplace
Candela marketplace enables prosumers and consumers to a unique energy marketplace so all members of the community can trade energy in order to achieve both personal and community energy goals. This is a marketplace designed to directly connect prosumers and consumers to their community. Our P2P solar energy marketplace aggregates bid and ask prices set by the users.
As for the technical side, Candela has developed an IoT device/smart meter that functions as a distributed computing node and an asset control switch. This device permits the designation of certain kWh units of locally produced energy to be marked and offered for consumption by adjacent local participants using the same component. The transaction is “cleared” within this system between the meters through machine-to-machine management and the app/web interface management of distributed ledger entries.

Candela Coin Mission

Our mission is to create truly decentralized solar energy all across the world made up of the people, not the power companies or middlemen. We want cities and communities all over the world to be self sustainable and have their own independent microgrids. This will not only help the environment, but will also help the solar panel owners have a better revenue stream than net metering provides.

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